Expanded Polystyrene

EPS Fishboxes

Light, strong, cool solutions for the fish supply chain

EPS is 98% air
EPS is 100% recyclable

Thermal Performance

At every stage of the cool chain, there are continuous temperature stability risks to microbiologically sensitive foods. These occur in many ways – from waiting in the loading bay, through delays in road journey to transfer from vehicle to distribution centre. The fact is that any variation in temperature can destroy the safety and integrity of the product leading to critical food safety and public health issues.

International regulatory measures require food industry and food safety professionals to comply with strict temperature requirements. Only an inherently insulating packaging material with proven low thermal conductivity combining with packed ice will ensure products arrive at point of sale or usage in perfect condition. EPS offers this proven thermal performance.

EPS offers the best thermal protection for fish boxes

A number of studies have been carried out over the years to demonstrate the outstanding performance of EPS in keeping fresh produce at an ideal temperature. Click here to read the latest UK and European studies on fish box performance.

We are also currently updating research into thermal properties of EPS using real time fresh fish logistics scenarios and this will be available on this site shortly.

EPS is just 2% material to 98% air, giving it the best thermal performance

    Why use EPS?

  • EPS expanded polystyrene airpop is hygienic
    Hygienic & Safe

    EPS is non-toxic, chemically inert, and fungi and bacteria cannot grow on it

  • EPS expanded polystyrene airpop is a low-cost solution

    Highly efficient manufacture and localised production units mean EPS is a low-cost, proven solution

  • EPS expanded polystyrene airpop gives outstanding impact resistance

    The 2% polystyrene cellular matrix gives outstanding impact resistance

  • EPS expanded polystyrene airpop is insoluble and non-hygroscopic

    EPS is insoluble and non-hygroscopic

  • Styrene for EPS expanded polystyrene airpop is abundant in natural products

    Styrene for EPS is a byproduct of refining but is also abundant in natural products

  • EPS expanded polystyrene airpop is 98% air

    EPS is effectively 98% air, minimising weight impacts in transportation

  • EPS expanded polystyrene airpop keeps fish safe and eradicates waste

    Unique insulation performance keeps fish safe and eradicates waste

  • EPS expanded polystyrene airpop uses clean manufacturing technologie
    Low Carbon

    Clean manufacturing technologies mean minimal energy and water inputs with no production waste

  • EPS expanded polystyrene airpop packaging is easily recyclable

    EPS packaging is easily recyclable where facilities exist

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